6 Reasons Why You Should Use Google Analytics

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6 Reasons Why You Should Use Google Analytics

Digital Marketing P.I.  - 6 Reasons to Use Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web-based data analytics tool that looks at your websites traffic. It is a tool often overlooked, but it integral to making data driven decisions that allow your digital presence to thrive!

Here are six reasons why you should use Google Analytics:

Automatic data collection

First of all, it simply does a lot of the work for you!!

All you need to do is insert a simple piece of code into the header of your website. This allows google to analyze the websites traffic and provide a multitude of data that can be used to improve landing page experience, reduce website bounce rates, and many other optimizations.

These actionable insights allow you to not only improve the end users experience on your site, but will also make it much easier to determine how your website is performing online.

It allows you to create custom reports.

Corollary to data collection, one of the most beneficial aspects of Analytics is that it allows you to control and organize the data in myriad ways. Depending on what your needs are, you can filter the data and have reports made that reflect a general overview, all the way down to a magnifying glass over a single landing page.

Easy integration with multiple platforms

You can even create custom reports using cross-platform data. Google Analytics factors in data that comes from smartphones and tablets as well as the computer. It also works with Google Ads (formerly AdWords), which forms a powerful connection that can increase customer acquisition; the analytics software understands how people on getting onto your website, and can see how successful your ad campaigns, through Google Ads, are.

It can establish target customer demographics

Next, Google Analytics allows you to see five main things about a customer when they land on your page:

Age Demographic


You can see the average ages of your customers, so that you can know what age group is actively interested in your product or service.

Gender demographic


You can also see who is coming to your website based on their gender.

Interests Google Analytics


With Google Analytics, you can understand the interests of your audience and can optimize your website and/or your paid advertising to reduce wasted spending on irrelevant audiences.

Device Google Analytics


You can see what kind of device people are viewing your website on. This allows you to make data driven decisions on what devices you want to focus on or exclude from your advertising.

Location Google Analytics


Understanding where users are coming from can helps you to formulate different marketing strategies based on the users’ locations and the language spoken.

Google Analytics data allows you to understand why users are bouncing off your website

Part of the analysis is that you can see who is leaving your website and when. For example, If you have a major issue with a cart checkout you might see a high rate of people abandoning their cart without buying the product.

You can then diagnose and fix these problems. However, on a deeper level you can also see, based on exit page data, where people usually leave when no error occurs in the system. And you can take steps (or we can) to change how your page looks or functions, so that the customer has a better experience and is less likely to leave your site or online store.

You can establish goals and conversions and see if you are meeting them

Finally, one of the most important parts of Analytics is not only the ability to collect data, or even report it, but the ability for you to create goals and see if you are meeting them or not. You can even create custom goals that make it more convenient to monitor progress and ensure the actions you want to happen on your website and for your business are occurring.


Although the analytics platform is free, and you should use it for the reasons above, it still is a large platform with many other capabilities. A technical understanding of it is necessary for its optimal use. We can help with your Google Analytics account and give you feedback regarding customer demographics, attribution, and much more.

If you would rather get started yourself, check out Google’s resources here and don’t worry if it all seems a bit confusing. It can be quite a bit to take in, but take it one step at a time and remember we are here if you would rather not do it yourself. 😉

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