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Since 1986, Texas Flange has provided a wide range of flanges to industries from oil and gas to aerospace.  In terms of Digital Marketing they were first in their industry to put up a website (1996), to implement any form of SEO practices (1998), to buy Pay Per Click Google ads, to release an online catalog, to release an online flange slide rule, to offer 3D models of flanges online for free. They also very quickly noticed the old ways of doing SEO just wouldn’t cut it in the modern age.

                In 3rd quarter of 2018, we (DMPI) became involved with them, and after an in-depth evaluation, we noticed a few key areas that needed to improve.

They were burning marketing budget on non-optimized Google Search & Display campaigns.  (We were able to net them over double the relevant traffic for less than they were paying Google before. More on that below!)

Their analytics accounts were semi-established, but we noticed glaring issues with their initial setup that led to data “falling through the cracks”.  They were attempting to make data driven marketing decisions without a full picture of the data! Remember: more traffic does not always equal good traffic!

Beginning with properly setting up their analytics account, we were able to demonstrate what was working for their business and what wasn’t. The first thing we noticed were the slow mobile load times, the non-responsive site design, and the gradual backslide of their top ranked keywords (Have you heard of “Mobile-First Indexing”? By September of 2020 it will be the new normal for Google!! Make sure you are prepared!).

After some research, we decided to move them away from Joomla to a WordPress based website. This allowed us to not only reintegrate their AWS container to recreate their online 3D Drawing Database, but drastically improve site speed, functionality, and security. This massive project was most certainly worth the cost and effort involved for them to maintain their strong and highly effective digital presence. Do you wait for your car to break down before you change the oil? A website is very similar in that it need maintenance and updating every once and a while, otherwise it will not perform as intended. 

                Their Google Ads account was run through our proprietary methodology and quality of ad conversions rose while cost per click/conversion both declined.  We took them off Google’s Display network for now, as it proved to only bring in low value web traffic (It’s not all about adding more).  We took over their languishing Social Media and implemented a “their voice”/our work action plan that has them expanding greatly on Facebook, LinkedIn (we have a very interesting way to rock LinkedIn), Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.  Now you might ask why we would have Instagram on the list.  It’s the same reason Texas Flange had a website in the 1990s.  Playing long means meeting tomorrow’s customers today.

After proving ourselves the prior year, we were given nearly the entirety of their 2019 marketing budget and told to “just take care of it.” By the end of 2019, while their industry was off by at least 2% from the previous year, and a key leading indicator for the business (oil prices) had been well off highs for years, Texas Flange had its best year on record. 2020 is starting off even better for them and oddly enough, this is when we will be billing them less. The heavy lifting was done in the first half of 2019 and will continue to pay off for years to come (with proper maintenance of course!). Since 2018 Texas Flange has traded 4 vendors providing different aspects of these items to one, paid less overall, and gotten way more ROI from their marketing budget. We got a banner customer out of the deal. Fantastic win-win. Who’s next?

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